The complete surrender of Imran Khan to the banned Barelvi militant party (TLP) proves that the man has no spine. He will go on saying 'No one can blackmail me" millions of times but no one believes him. Here was an opportunity for him to crack down and become popular among his voters but the man knows that he cannot take the risk. The previous government of Nawaz Sharif calmly executed Mumtaz Qadri (the killer of Punjab Governor Salman Taseer), but Imran Khan thinks that by bending over backwards and accepting the demands of the militants, he has a chance to remain in power.

Compared to this man, just think what General Azam did in the 1950s. He cracked down on rioters, sentencing some of them to death. Before that, in pre-partition days, the British executed Pir Pagara, a powerful man in Sindh with thousands of followers ready to die for him. The British were able to rule successfully because they did not tolerate violence against the state. Yet here we have a man who speaks of the state of Madina practically every hour and who doesn't have the courage to enforce the writ of the state.

It's interesting to note that three Memons are the guarantors of the so-called secret agreement between the state and the militants. One of them is Bashir Farooq whom I admire for his charity (Sailani Welfare). He provides free food to thousands of poor men and women in many towns every day. Another one is supposed to be a man with the surname "Pardesi" about whom I don't know anything, perhaps he is a builder. But the third person is the corpulent Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, the famous stock and property market speculator. 

But it won't be long before other groups (like the Deobandis) realize the weakness of the government and come up with demands of their own. The country is headed for a civil war.