The demolition of Nasla Towers without providing compensation to the poor residents is inexplicable. There are many rumors circulating about why this particular building has been targeted, although there are others that were built under similar circumstances, including a high rise in Islamabad (that one was regularized by a former CJP on his last day in office). The unfortunate owners of apartments in the doomed building could have been paid by the Sindh Government (which is the real culprit in this case). Yet the poor buggers found their electricity, water and gas supplies terminated and had perforce to vacate their flats.

I remember Imran Khan saying that there should be equal standards for all (both rich and poor). Unfortunately under his government, no one seems to have heard of it. His own Bani Gala mansion, built where no construction was allowed, is a case in point. He was allowed to get his residence regularized, although hundreds of houses in Karachi alongside Gujjar Nullah have been demolished. 

But why is the current CJP on the warpath? Another building (Macro Supermarket in Lines Area) was ordered to be pulled down years ago, but it's still standing. Near my house, a very rich Memon is making buildings on land meant for a cemetery. Although the court ordered him to refrain from selling any apartments, he has not stopped construction. In the meantime, the man who filed the case against him has disappeared, as have all files pertaining to the land.

It seems there is one law for the rulers, another for the ruled. This is not good for the country.