When the Americans were preparing to leave Afghanistan, that nincompoop Imran Khan said he had told them "Absolutely not!" when they asked if they could use Pakistani bases to bomb Afghanistan. It turned out that the Americans had not made any such request and Imran Khan had to swallow his words. Later, one of his lying ministers even said that it was because of "Absolutely not!" that Pakistan was being punished by the Americans.

Now it turns out that Imran actually said "Absolutely yes!" when the Americans asked to be allowed to use Pakistan's airspace. An agreement to this effect is scheduled to be signed within the next few days and Imran again will have to face criticism for making this major U-turn. Mind you, it's not as if the country hasn't enough problems of its own. The banned TLP is about to reach Islamabad and all the other political parties are demonstrating every day against the rampant inflation. When the U.S. starts bombing Afghanistan again, it will be Pakistan that will have to suffer.

Imran has suddenly started talking incessantly about "fahashi" (obscenity), as other leaders did when they realized they would soon be overthrown by the public. He has directed the PTA to ensure that no vulgar content is telecast by private channels, no hugging or close contact between actors of the opposite sex to be allowed, and other such nonsense like revealing clothes by females (which, by the way is very rare). His capitulation to the U.S. may ensure that the rupee could stabilize against the dollar, and he may even receive the long awaited phone call from Biden, but Pakistan will be at great risk from destabilization. You can be sure that the militants in Afghanistan will use this support for the Americans to carry out targeted attacks in Pakistan (unless Imran suddenly decides not to support the Americans, which would indeed be a miracle).