Imran Khan is a narcissist. He obviously has a very high opinion of himself. He thinks he alone can do what others can't. Such a man obviously can't tolerate any criticism and he makes sure that his ministers continue praising him to the skies. Every decision (like increasing petrol prices or similar stuff ) is attributed to the great Imran Khan. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a secret government department reminding errant ministers that they haven't said anything good about the Dear Leader in the past few days. 

TV anchor Asma Shirazi is being targeted by the sycophants nowadays. Her fault is that while criticizing the government's failures, she also said that black magic, taking support from djinns and sticking needles in dolls will not save this government. Mind you, she didn't mention Imran Khan's wife by name. She only said what everyone knows. But the few people who still support Imran Khan raised a huge ruckus. Shahbaz Gill who looks like he licks the Great Khan's boots before breakfast, blasted poor Asma Shirazi for maligning Her Holiness, the third wife of Imran Khan, who recently took her and her ex-husband along with him to the Holy Land, to solemnize the marriage of her daughter. I suppose Imran Khan conveniently forgot his previous tirades against the previous government for spending state money for personal use. 

The irony is that there was no need for government functionaries to react so violently. If they'd said nothing at all, no one would have read what the female TV anchor had written in the BBC Urdu article. I don't suppose more than a handful of Pakistanis read BBC Urdu pieces and it would never have become so popular. But then, Imran Khan's ministers are well known for their incompetence.