Just when you thought Imran Khan and his minions wouldn't make us laugh again, particularly after Fawad Choudhry's Hard Talk interview, the PTI government in Punjab did it again. They put up huge banners and posters all over Punjab showing actor Qazi Wajid of Karachi pleading with people to get vaccinated. Apparently the morons didn't know that Qazi Wajid has long been dead (since 2018 when Covid was still more than a year away). So we should expect more and more stupid acts from them, like Imran Khan saying that he spoke to NAB chairman (before his speech was cut off and we didn't get to hear that he probably told the NAB chap to speed up the cases against the opposition and give them a hard time).

Then there is this gem: a PTI member of KP barged into a grid station in Peshawer and manipulated the feeders to restore power to his house during load-shedding. The Peshawer Electric Supply Corp has requested the police to file an FIR against the MPA (Fazal Elahi), but because he belongs to the ruling party, the cops are scared and have refused to file a case against him. I suppose Imran Khan probably smiled when he heard about the incident and said, "Boys will be boys".

But something happened in Karachi today that will cause a lot of consternation to those who rule the country. Thousands of people attacked the illegally built Bahria Town, attacked buildings, torched vehicles and left many people bankrupt, among them a Memon who owns Danish Motors. This township was built after the original inhabitants were forcefully evicted, about four hundred of them were killed, and the killer is still free. It will be a long time before people will invest or buy property in Bahria Town.