I have suffered from constipation for many years now, and even though I've tried many remedies, the problem simply won't go away. Recently my urologist prescribed Solifen (not for constipation, but for stopping the frequent urination in the night). My constipation worsened, so I looked it up on the net and found that the medication was responsible. Even though I have Rs. 1,200 worth of these pills, i stopped taking it, and I'm thinking of cancelling my next visit to him (scheduled later this month).

My search for remedies revealed many strange things. It's commonly believed that yogurt is good for diarrhea (I take it with boiled rice on the rare occasions when I have an upset stomach). It turns out that yogurt should be taken in good quantities to relieve constipation. Then there is honey, which I'd stopped taking years ago but resumed again (a spoonful of honey in hot water or milk every day). Even this hasn't worked. I eat very little meat, in fact I'm practically an 80% vegetarian, yet I still suffer. I'm thinking of taking a spoonful of olive oil now, which is said to work wonders. I've been eating bananas for six months now, and one would've thought this fibrous fruit would reduce constipation. But the locals say it increases constipation. I found that ripe bananas are good for constipation, but the unripened ones actually cause it. 

I wonder if I'll ever find something that will make my bowel movements regular. Of course there are allopathic medicines, but one gets addicted to them after a couple of months, so I've stayed away from trying those.