I've never been afraid to take vaccines against the diseases that appear in the country from time to time. Even as an adult, I took polio drops when visiting the UK in 2018. In 2016, I was vaccinated against pneumonia. Before that, in my childhood, I was vaccinated against measles, smallpox and cholera. So why am I scared of the coronavirus vaccine? I've not yet registered with the government to get a free vaccine for protection against Covid.

Maybe I'm scared because the vaccine is of Chinese origin and it is being given by the government free to every one. The corruption in government departments is such that I'm sure most vaccines will be sold by the staff and sold to pharmacies. Even in China and the U.S., people were vaccinated with water. Then there is the fact that some people do get side effects, as has happened recently in Norway and Holland. I rang up the most trusted hospital in the country to ask them if they have the vaccine. They said they have been given vaccines by the government for their own staff. 

So I've not yet decided to get vaccinated with the Chinese or Indian vaccine until I'm sure it's absolutely safe to do so or until a reputable vaccine is imported by the private sector.