If there is one thing about Imran Khan and his cronies that everyone can say with certainty, it's that they will never learn from their past mistakes. By now they've spent more than thirty months misruling the country, and practically every day one of them says something that later provides proof of their incompetence.

Back in the days when they were in the opposition, Imran would frequently say that a rise in energy prices meant that the extra amount would go into the pockets of Nawaz Sharif. One of his favorites (Murad Saeed) said on many occasions that after coming to power, Imran Khan would get back the looted money (200 billion dollars) the very next day. Corruption would be eliminated in ninety days, Imran would shout. Of course he couldn't do anything, the looted money is still outside the country and corruption has increased, which is why practically everyone in the country wants him to resign.

It seems as if they had been assured by the establishment that they would be fully supported, even if they broke the law. In the beginning, the Election Commission denied a recount of votes when Faisal Vawda won by only 700 votes, while the Supreme Court also refused a recount in Lahore, where Ayaz Sadiq would have been the clear winner. Imran and his men thought they'd be able to do anything they wanted not only in this term but in the next one as well. 

Now that the courts and the Election Commission have turned down their pleas to disqualify Yousuf Raza Gilani or to annul the repolling in Daska, they can't understand what's happened. The most stunning statement was by Shibly Faraz (Information Minister). He said that now his party will do everything (even paying senators for their votes) to get their candidate elected as Senate Chairman. The courts as well as the Election Commission should take immediate action and disqualify him, if not his party from contesting future elections. I expect some more bloomers from Imran and his cronies after Faisal Vawda is disqualified. They have already started a campaign to defame the election commission and in future, they will defame those judges who rule against them. They will never learn from their mistakes.