Finally, the Election Commission of Pakistan has shown the courage to take Imran Khan and his cronies to task. They had apparently assumed that they could get away with anything, and the ECP's reluctance to hear the foreign funding scam as well as allowing Faisal Vawda to go free despite perjury may have made them think that the establishment would support them. Even now, by deciding to challenge ECP's order to hold bye-election in the entire constituency (instead of the 22 polling stations where the PTI kidnapped polling officers and stuffed ballot boxes with fake votes), Imran thinks he can force the apex court to reverse ECP's decision. It also proves that his party men carried out rigging in all polling stations, and that is why they do not want re-polling in the entire constituency.

By now, the courts are also aware that Imran is very unpopular, given that in most bye-elections, his party has lost. So I would be very surprised if the apex court decides to support him now, given that it is evident that his party men carried out the kidnappings and rigging. If the court decides that the ECP's order is correct, it will be the final nail in Imran's coffin. He may well decide to resign or call for new elections, but his goose has been cooked. Sooner or later, he will have to pay for his crimes.