When the ECP with-held the results of the rigged bye-election in Daska, I heaved a sigh of relief. Now, I said to myself, the ECP is neutral, and hopefully it will remain so. I was wrong. The ECP is either biased against PML-N or it is being forced to favor Imran Khan.

Faisal Vawda's case has been pending for more than a year. Yet he defiantly refuses to attend hearings, so much so that the ECP fined him Rs. 50,000 (a pittance), and fixed the next hearing after two weeks. So, when he applied for Senate elections, his application should have been automatically rejected, yet the ECP accepted it without hesitation. when this decision was challenged in the Tribunal, it was again accepted. Yet Parvez Rasheed of the PML-N has been rejected by the ECP on flimsy grounds. If Shakespeare had been alive, he would've said, "What meat does this Vawda eat, that everyone is so scared of him?". 

I won't be surprised if the establishment goes all out to support Imran in the senate elections next month. Maybe they'll allow the PPP to win a few extra seats, but as far as the PMLN is concerned, they know they'll be in trouble if it wins.