We've seen it happening so many times. When the ministers of an unpopular government know they will soon be booted out, they become nervous. They start blaming everyone but themselves for their incompetence. They hurl accusations against opposition politicians. But one thing is for sure: they blame women for their government's failures.

It's happening this time too. First there was Imran Khan's favorite mullah blaming the dresses and behavior of Pakistani Muslim females for the corona pandemic, then he said coeducation is to be blamed for the increasing cases of rapes, and now the government says it's going to ban Tik Tok for the increasing shamelessness in society. I wonder why they don't think that Imran Khan forcing a mother of five to divorce her husband and then marrying her before the mandatory period had expired is not shamelessness.

Then there is his denial of having an illegitimate girl child (who is now 26 and is living with his ex-wife). Isn't that shamelessness of the highest kind? What about him having good relations with his ex-wife? Fundamentalists say that it is a heinous sin to even talk on the phone with ex-wives, why don't they see that Imran's behaviour is the height of what they call "fahashi" (obscenity)?

Well, it should be obvious now that the man is certain that the masses will soon be out on the streets, demanding his removal. Unless those who rigged the elections so he could win again resort to force and underhand means to help him. But sooner or later even they will realize (if they haven't already) that he's a liability and should be sent home.