The past two days have been tumultuous, what with the opposition politicians meeting the generals (they say it was to discuss matters which should not have been the army's concern) and then the army saying something else. This has always been happening, particularly as the whole world knows who calls the shots in this benighted country. No wonder the army chief is visited by all foreign VIPs coming to the country.

Meanwhile, everything is fine and hunky dory. The motorway rapist is still on the loose, probably under the protection of someone very powerful. More cases of rape have surfaced, one by a mullah who did it to a four-year old girl. Another mullah (a newspaper columnist associated with a religious party that opposed the creation of Pakistan) objected to the airing of a video showing a woman exercising in a gym, even though the woman was fully covered and wasn't being "obscene".

The water minister (Faisal Vawda) is still free, even though he faces charges of committing perjury, owning foreign properties which he didn't declare to the taxmen, as well as possessing a fake degree. I doubt if the authorities will decide on these matters, considering that every time there is a hearing, it is postponed due to one reason or the other. Of course, Imran Khan himself is facing serious charges, his party being accused of using foreign funds in the last elections, along with billion rupee suits for defamation (for which no hearing has ever been held). As they say, both our media and our judiciary are absolutely independent!

No action will ever be taken against those five ministers who didn't pay any income tax, nor against the 160 parliamentarians who didn't even bother to file tax returns (maybe it's because they have never heard of income tax until now).

In the meantime, our Great Khan is enjoying himself with regular visits to the cold climes of Nathiagali. Perhaps he's been told to go there by his mullah (the one who says earthquakes, pandemics and rapes happen because Pakistani girls wear jeans and revealing clothes).