I have never seen so much polarization as there is nowadays between those who support Imran Khan and those who oppose him (like myself). Although the number of his supporters has decreased significantly (due to his false promises which he knew he could never fulfill), he has die-hard fans who simply go berserk when they hear someone criticize him. Some such people have blocked me from sending them Whattsapp messages and videos, others refuse to respond when I call them and there are a few who keep sending me fake photos and achievements of his party.

I have never supported either Nawaz or Zardari, in fact I often wrote about their corruption when they were in power, yet Imran Khan's die-hard fans call me an agent of those two. "So you prefer to live under the corruption of Nawaz and Zardari?" they ask me. My answer is that their leader is more corrupt than they were, as practically every week a new scandal erupts in which his friends and minions are involved. The fact that he has been using NAB to harass his political opponents while ensuring that his own party members are left untouched is enough to prove that he is corrupt to the core. 

I remember, once in the club, I related two incidents which revealed Bhutto's duplicity. Two club members immediately got up and left and never spoke to me again, but they did not verbally abuse me, like Imran's supporters do. And Nawaz's supporters always responded calmly when I spoke about his corruption. "You can't run the country unless you're corrupt", said one. Perhaps, after Imran Khan has been removed and confined to the dustbin of history, his supporters will realize that he was always a charlatan who fooled them into believing that he is a messiah.