It's a story as old as the hills, and I've seen it happen so many times I wonder how perfectly normal men go crazy and marry much younger women in their seventies.

It usually happens when a man retires and has nothing to do. So he starts going to the nearest mosque to pass the time. Pretty soon, he has a thick, white beard and a rosary in his hands. He starts talking about his sex life, how his wife is no longer interested in it and he often can't perform as he used to. So one of his new friends (in the mosque) says he has an unmarried or widowed daughter and the old geezer should marry her. To further strengthen his case, the old geezer asks the mosque mullah if he should do so, and what if his current wife refuses to give him permission? The mullah scornfully says there is no need to ask her for permission (the law is un-Islamic), he can take another wife and keep it a secret from his relatives.

But the old fool knows he will soon be found out and then his sons will throw him out of the house and as his wife is the declared owner of his house (this used to be done for income tax purposes in the old days), he will be left a pauper. But the old man with the unmarried or widowed daughter tells him not to worry, he can live with them in their house. The old fool agrees, but he tries to sell his house so he can keep the proceeds and live with the new wife in luxury. That's when his children realize there is something wrong and begin to suspect that he's leading a double life.

Of course it doesn't work. Even if he does marry the other woman and keeps it a secret, she will complain that he isn't spending much time with her and he soon realizes his mistake. But he's in it so deep that he can't divorce her. Serves the bastard right, he deserves it.