A 60-year old doctor succumbed to the dreaded Corona virus a couple of days back. His widow complained that he was denied admission in many hospitals (including AKUH) due to shortage of ventilators. But now we know that the deceased himself refused to be treated in Indus Hospital (where his niece, a doctor, is employed). He didn't want it to be known that he was infected, probably thinking that he would recover. 

But the case has taken a strange twist. There are many Hindu doctors in Sindh (particularly Karachi). I wrote about this in the Tribune a few years back. My findings were that Hindu students are hardworking and are readily admitted to medical colleges. But a Jamat e Islami chap I know says they are able to pass and get good marks because the U.S. wants it that way (he says the same thing about Shia doctors). People like him are incensed that Sunni hardliners are not able to get good marks and become doctors. 

So the case of Dr. Furqan was investigated by just such a bigot like this JI chap. He concluded that a Hindu doctor in Civil Hospital was responsible for the death of Dr. Furqan. I am sure my JI acquaintance must be delighted. He's among those who think all minorities should be evicted from the country (or converted to his brand of Islam).

I personally think Hindu and Shia doctors are much more professional than the others. They are humble and they listen to you without interruption. It's a pity that such good people are being targeted because of their religion.