Of course it's always been obvious that Imran Khan is an autocrat. We know that his party tries to influence newspapers and threatens anyone who points out its faults, particularly the corruption of its ministers. So it's only natural that he should try to stifle the social media. The only surprising thing of course is that he waited so long to do it.

If the previous government had even talked about suppressing freedom of expression, he would have yelled his head off. His party used Twitter and social media to the maximum to manufacture fake news about leaders of other parties. But now that he's on the receiving end, he simply can't tolerate it.

But just suppose he goes ahead and bans Twitter, Facebook and Whattsapp. Since he's not aware of what's happening in the country, he probably doesn't know that Facebook and Whattsapp are now being used by poor people as well. My present driver (and others who worked for me before) are all on Facebook, and they use Whattsapp also. If Facebook and Twitter are asked to set up offices in the country, and they refuse, resulting in PTI banning them, one can imagine the mayhem it'll cause. Doesn't he realize that his own followers will also be affected? It almost makes me wish he'd go ahead and do it, his party members will themselves demand his resignation. And that of course would be the best thing to happen.