If there is one thing for which Musharraf should get the death penalty, it is allowing natural gas to be used indiscriminately by vehicles. I don't know why he had to do it, perhaps he had relatives who wanted to open gas filling stations, but it ensured that the country ran out of natural gas within a decade.

Most CNG stations upcountry still indulge in huge gas theft. I remember banners in Punjab selling gas at half the price specified by the government. They could do this only because they were pilfering gas from pipelines. And because they had already become rich overnight, they were able to go on stealing the gas without being arrested.

I live in a locality where there had been continuous 24-hour gas supply until this winter. A few days back, gas started disappearing and this has continued happening every day since then. I'm compelled to heat water using electricity, which is sure to result in a phenomenal increase in my already inflated electric bills. 

If ever I come across Musharraf I'd like to tell him to his face the enormous damage he's done to the country. But I know he'll simply shrug and grin like he usually does.