I do not believe that religious parties should be allowed to contest elections. This is because religious leaders cannot solve the problems the country is facing. They are just like the Taliban, who believe that locking women up in their homes and forcing men to be bearded will automatically make the country a superpower. 

But, even though I have never voted for Maulana Fazlur Rehman's party, I do not oppose his long march. This is because this PTI government and its ministers have turned into fascists, and are reportedly indulging in corruption to enrich themselves, so they can win the next elections and rule over this benighted country for ten continuous years. We need a strong opposition to make sure they never win another election.

But it's amazing how government ministers have reacted to the long march. Until recently, even Imran Khan had offered containers and even food to any party wanting to stage sit-ins at D-Chowk. Now, Imran Khan has ordered all his minister to go all out and defame the maulana. One minister (Gandapur) who miraculously turned whiskey into honey when he was caught taking alcohol to Imran Khan's house has even sued the maulana for fifty billion rupees. Mind you, it's not because the mullah has defamed him, but because he's allegedly acting against the country's integrity for doing the long march and the sit-in. Apparently Imran and his minions have forgotten their own 126-day "dharna" in 2016 to destabilize the former government (which resulted in a huge financial loss to the country). 

Now that Imran and his minions are on the defensive, it's great fun to see how scared they are. They are using all excuses to prevent the long march, including the Kashmir crisis (which, by the way, is the only problem we've had continuously since independence). I do hope they realize the harm they did to the country by destabilizing it just so they could get into power (of course, with the help of those who cannot be named).