The "selected" prime minister was very confident in the first few months of his governance (or mis-governance). Whenever there was any talk of staging long sit-ins to destabilize his illegal government, he would smile and say "No problem. I'll provide containers and food for the demonstrators". Now that it looks like the long march will proceed, his ministers have panicked. Even the puppet prime minister himself has offered talks to the leader of JUI(F), whom his minions were scoffing at not so long ago.

It's obvious that the long march and the sit-in will succeed. The jokers who are running the government have realized that they have not succeeded in fooling those who voted for them and they are afraid of accountability. They also fear that those "who cannot be named" are supporting Maulana Fazlur Rehman. The selected prime minister is trying his best to divert attention of the people by going to Tehran and Saudi Arabia on private visits which his minions are describing as mediation efforts to end the war in Yemen. The Iranians know he's a Saudi stooge, while the Saudis know he's just a puppet doing what he's told by the establishment. 

The people know that whatever he's doing is not going to reduce prices of edibles or medicines (which have been increased again). In such a scenario, there is talk of not giving him an NRO (which was done to allow Nawaz and Benazir to escape accountability). 

Imran Khan should not be allowed to go away to London after he's overthrown. He should be made to pay for trying to fool the public and making promises which he knew he could not keep. His major crime, in my opinion, is using the religion card. By his constant talk of turning Pakistan into a welfare state like Madina, he thought the people would be taken in. He should be made to pay for selecting ministers who do nothing but praise him all the time, ministers like Shaikh Rasheed, the loudmouth who talks about everything except why there is a train wreck almost every week. Imran should be punished for appointing that woman Firdous Ashiq Awan as his advisor on information, who had the audacity to proclaim that her government's industrialization policy is being admired all over the world. For the record, all the country's industries are on the verge of collapse, as they cannot compete against smugglers (the majority of whom belong to IK's home province KP).

So I have no hesitation in saying "No NRO for Imran Khan!"