To the average Pakistani, just because Saudi Arabia is a hundred percent Muslim country (there are no Jews and Christians there), therefore Saudis should support Pakistan in its efforts to prevent India expanding beyond its borders. More particularly, Pakistanis are surprised that even though the Imam of Kaaba used to pray for the Kashmiris to win freedom, he stopped doing so a few years back (obviously due to pressure from the U.S.).

So it should not surprise us, particularly the brainwashed followers of Imran Khan, that the Saudis have decided to invest a whopping seventy five billion dollars in India (this is apart from the billions they've already invested there in the past). 

What most Pakistanis don't know is that the Saudis (and Arabs from other countries) have a very poor opinion of Pakistan. This is because most Pakistanis abroad are arrogant and dishonest. Another reason is that most Saudis don't consider Pakistanis as Muslims, due to the vast number of Shias and Barelvis in Pakistan. They are disgusted when Pakistanis try to portray themselves as true Muslims, better than even the Saudis. 

So it shouldn't surprise us that they don't trust Pakistanis and would rather invest in a country where infidels are in the majority. And the situation will not change if we continue allowing those openly preaching violence to roam around freely in our country. We should insist upon the government to provide good scientific education to our children. And we should stop listening to illiterate mullahs completely.