For the first time in the country's history, we have a Minister of Climate Change, a woman (Zartaj Gul) who would have served Imran Khan better as information minister. A few months back, when it rained unexpectedly, bringing much relief to people in Punjab, she simpered and said that the rains were due to the good and impeccable character of the prime minister (the so-called Mr. Clean, who pays only fifty dollars a month as income tax). A couple of days later, there were more rains, killing a number of people. She must have regretted her earlier remarks, because obviously the deaths were also due to the "good character" of Imran Khan, who happens to have fathered many illegitimate children, according to his ex-wife Reham Khan.

This belief about good weather being due to good people ruling the country is apparently wide-spread. Having been brought up in an environment where science reigned supreme, I regard all such beliefs as superstition.

My late father-in-law was a great admirer of the dreaded dictator (Zia-ul-Haq). He once told me that there had been no floods or earthquakes or other natural disasters after Zia snatched power and virtually destroyed the country, and it proved that Zia had God's support. I had looked at my father-in-law in disbelief, wondering how such people could exist in the twentieth century (he died in 1997).

Imran Khan himself is a firm believer in this poppycock, his beliefs having been strengthened after his third marriage to a woman who claims to have spiritual powers. It was she who persuaded him to believe and proclaim that huge oil reserves would soon be discovered in the sea near the Karachi coast. For weeks the superstitious prime minister had the nation on tenterhooks, all awaiting with bated breath the confirmation of the discovery of all that oil which would have turned the country into an economic superpower. 

Unfortunately it didn't happen, which should have convinced IK that his wife is not what she claims to be, but apparently he continues to believe in her powers. I'm not surprised.