A college professor was murdered recently in Bahawalpur by a student, who objected to the victim organizing a mixed fun party where men and women would be together. I asked a fundamentalist I know if people like him think it's okay for TV male and female newscasters to sit together as they do now. "It's a heinous sin," he said, "Men and women must be at least ten feet apart, they should not talk to each other unless they're brothers and sisters, or fathers and daughters". 

This made me think that there must be many men who would like to kill me for being so different from the vast number of people in the country. For one thing, I'm not bearded (like the 99.99 percent of Pakistanis), I take daily walks with my wife and both of us talk as we do so (something which most Pakistanis find very weird and disgusting). I do not wear the national dress (which for some reason is thought to be the religious dress, and is therefore worn by almost all Pakistanis). Also, I do not observe the many rituals which they follow. 

Extremists in my neighborhood are also highly disturbed when they see me going out with my wife in my car. For one thing, they don't allow their wives, sisters and daughters to even look out of the windows of their houses, leave alone letting them go out. So it shouldn't surprise anyone if I'm attacked one of these days by a demented person who thinks I'm corrupting the youth of the country.