I've always loved writing. Even when I was ten, I would contribute small pieces to newspapers (that was in the 1950s). I cannot describe the thrill I used to feel when I would see my name in the newspapers. As the years went by, and I became a prolific writer, I would sometimes write against the policies of the government. This led many people to warn me against doing so. One friend (who'd have been a great writer if he hadn't been scared) used to tell me that I would get killed if I didn't stop. Even recently, a close relative begged me to stop making comments against Imran Khan on Twitter, saying that one day I'd be picked up and made to disappear.

Then there are those who think writers (particularly journalists) are blackguards who are paid to write against the opposition or the government. One of my distant relatives even warned those he knows to be careful whenever I'm around. I'm surprised that even some literate people I know think I'm a dangerous man who will print whatever they say. Of course, those who support Imran Khan firmly believe that I'm paid by Zardari or Nawaz Sharif to criticize him. The term favored by such people is "patwari". After seven months of ruling or misruling Pakistan, many of IK's supporters are slowly realizing that he is not fit to be the chief executive of the country. 

The government recently decided to take action against those who had hinted (on social media) that the Saudi crown prince had been involved in the cold blooded murder of a dissident (Jamal Khasshogi) in Turkey. It seems that it will no longer be possible to write against those countries upon whom we're dependent for aid. IK would do well to work for the welfare of the people rather than arrest those who tell him he is on the wrong path.