In almost all the "self-help" books I've read, the authors have stressed that to succeed, one has to be born in either a poor family or a lower middle-class one. I've seen the truth of this many times. I have many wealthy relatives, and I've seen that in almost all such families, their sons have been failures. Some of them are able to survive only because they have rented out the properties they've inherited. One relative of mine wakes up at noon, spends the rest of the day gossiping at his club and goes to bed very late at night. Not having a goal has made him lazy, and the only time he walks is when he has to go to the bathroom or when he gets out of his car and walks a few steps to his house or club.
Now it's been found that being born in a poor family also ensures that you can be healthier than those born rich. Researchers have concluded that those born in prosperous families are very likely to be at risk of contracting diseases like leukemia, hypertension and diabetes. The rich are also more likely to suffer from allergies. This is due to the fact that babies born in affluent families are protected so much that they do not get infected, particularly in their first year. It seems that the immune system is actually strengthened whenever the body is infected, particularly in babies. Maybe that's one reason why people from Singapore and other healthy societies get sick whenever they visit dirty places like Pakistan, India or Bangladesh.