My father often used to tell me about how his Hindu teachers would claim that their ancestors invented the airplane. A few years back, no less a person than Indian Prime Minister Modi said that ancient Hindus were plastic surgeons and one of them had planted the head of an elephant to a human body to create the Hindu god Ganesh. 

Another myth is that the bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka was built by the monkey god Hanuman to help Ram rescue Sita. According to scientists, this submerged bridge (across which people could cross over to either side at low tides about three hundred years ago), has been naturally formed over millions of years. So, when the Congress government decided to make a gap in the bridge to allow vessels to sail from one side of India to the other, Hindu fanatics raised an uproar. In the Supreme Court the Congress said that there was no proof that Ram or Hanuman ever existed. This leads to another interesting question: "If Ram never existed, how do Hindu fanatics say he was born at the place where the Babri Masjid was built?"

Coming back to the incredulous claims by rabid Hindus, a vice chancellor of Andhra Pradesh university said a demon king in the Hindu epic Ramayana had twenty four types of aircraft and a network of landing strips in Sri Lanka. Another illiterate Indian (the education minister of Rajasthan, no less) says, "The cow is the only animal in the world which both inhales and exhales oxygen". 

And now they say that the ancient Hindus also invented stem cell technology. I wonder why they haven't claimed that their ancestors also went to the moon, Mars and other heavenly bodies. I won't be surprised if one of these days they give the exact date when ancient Hindus flew to the moon and landed there.