What happens to a people among whom inbreeding (cousin marriage) is common? After four or five generations, defects begin to appear. Sometimes, it results in total deafness, as in a family who is distantly related to me. At other times, children are born cross-eyed and have to be operated upon to correct the defect, but poor rural Pakistanis are not able to afford such operations, so they have no choice but to bear it. Then there are those who are mentally retarded, like Imran Khan and his vocal information minister Fawad Choudhry. These two make you grateful that your parents and grandparents were not cousins.

Of the two, the info minister is the most stupid. He has said many things to prove that he is a certified moron. Once he said, with a straight face, that helicopters are the cheapest mode of transport, consuming fuel worth Rs. 55 per kilometer (less than a half a dollar). One day he said that it was Porus who defeated Alexander the great, although everyone knows it was the latter who inflicted the greatest defeat in India's history on the hapless Porus. Perhaps the idiot actually believes Porus was the winner, because the battle was fought on the banks of the Jhelum River, where the info minister was born.

Imran Khan himself is mentally retarded. Once he said China has developed trains that run at the speed of light. I strongly suspect that it was only after his recent marriage did he become aware that there was a state of Madina in ancient times. What he doesn't seem to know is that the rulers of Madina were not liars like him, they never made U-turns like he does. 

The stupid idiot now says that the late Dr. Israr Ahmed knew what Jinnah's vision of Pakistan was. He apparently doesn't know that this man was a senior member of the Jamat-e-Islami, which bitterly opposed the creation of Pakistan and called its founder "Kafir-e-Azam". If only Imran Kahn had taken a keen interest in history, he would have known this. So I suppose we have no choice but to watch helplessly while this moron does his best to break up the country.