Not many people thought my marriage would last more than two or three years. Even I wondered if I wasn't making a mistake. I thought I was being unfair to my wife-to-be, as I was convinced I would die before attaining the age of fifty.

This day (December 16) forty five years back, I took the plunge at the age of 29. Most Memon men in those days used to marry at the age of 24 or 25 (today they tie the knot at the age of 20 or 22, marrying girls younger than 18). 

Now, after forty five years of married life, I often wonder how I've managed to survive. My story is not unique, as I believe most men belonging to middle-class families have to struggle to make ends meet. Many times I had to borrow from relatives and friends to feed my little family. There were some decisions (like going into the salt business) that I have deeply regretted, while some steps I took (like investing in property and shares and then getting out before the 2008 recession). 

On the whole, it's been a very satisfying life, and even though most Memons would never believe me, it's the amount of writing I've done that's given me the greatest pleasure (even though I was paid a pittance for it). That's what makes me different from other Memon males. Instead of wasting my time gossiping, I love to spend my time reading and writing. I've often been asked why I read so much. In all those wedding dinners I'm invited to, Memons are shocked when they see me reading newspapers on my cell phone (they think these devices are for viewing video clips sent to them by nitwits like them). They don't realize that even when I'm alone and in the dark (due to power outages) I'm not bored. I can read to my heart's content.