She was supposed to be the answer to all of Pakistan's problems. She forced her husband to divorce her because she had seen in a dream someone she thought was one of saints or apostles and he had said, "You have to marry Imran Khan to turn Pakistan into an ideal Islamic state". So she married him despite not completing the mandatory period of abstinence (iddat) for a divorced woman, and for a time it seemed that her magic was working. Her husband was elected in a highly rigged election. She consults djinns, witches and fairies and then tells her husband what to do.

She told him to go to Saudi Arabia, the UAE and China with a begging bowl, saying that they would be bowled over and hand him whatever he asked for. So, even though he had said he would not go on any foreign tours for six months, he did so. It did not work. The Saudis said they are in need of a loan themselves, the UAE did not even listen to him, and the Chinese said they have already invested too much in the country.

Again, even though he had said he would rather commit suicide than go to the IMF for a loan, he had to do so after she told him that the IMF would simply give him the loan without asking any awkward questions. That didn't happen, so he's blamed poor Asad Umar for failing to persuade IMF to do what Pinky had predicted. If Asad Umar had any self-respect, he would have resigned immediately, but alas, the perks and privileges which ministers in Pakistan enjoy make them shameless.

And now, the latest blow. The bye-elections in Punjab have proved that his party has lost its popularity, which is not surprising, as the national elections are widely thought to have been rigged. So it's only a question of time before the riots begin and Imran Khan is forced to resign.