The one thing I've noticed about the new generation is that they are absolutely intolerant. Perhaps it's due to the fact that they don't like to read. An entire generation has grown up believing that reading is a heinous sin, to be avoided at all costs unless absolutely necessary. So, when I say that I detest Imran Khan, these brainwashed idiots jump to the conclusion that I favor Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. It's like "Either you are with us or against us", as that illiterate U.S. president Bush said in 2001.
If they take the trouble to go through what I've written, they'll find plenty in it where I've criticized both Nawaz and Zardari. But what they don't understand is why I don't like Imran. I've always been against the puppet prime minister, even when he was in opposition. I know that he's not honest (there is plenty of evidence to prove this, including the fact that he is surrounded by crooks and he submitted a forged document to the court, besides not paying as much income tax as he should have). 
But what I've always said about him has been proved in his first seven weeks in office. I'm sure his most ardent followers must now be disillusioned that he's not the miracle man they were led to believe. And I predict that Imran Khan will be much worse than the two who ruled over the country these past ten years.