I saw this video of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu explaining how his country of only 9 million has been able to overtake the rest of the world in science and technology. This video should be seen by every Muslim politician in the world. 

It was Malaysia's Mahathir (now 93 and prime minister) who told Muslims that unless they invested their resources in education, they would never be able to progress. 
The teaching of science has never been a priority among modern Muslims. I tell my fellow Memons about dinosaurs and evolution and they look at me like I'm from another planet. 

After 9/11, Muslims turned towards religion to find an answer to why their condition is so bad. The mullahs of course tell them to be heavily bearded, to wear the "Islamic" dress, to waste their time in mosques listening to illiterate clerics explaining about life after death and so on. Not a single moulvi tells them to practice birth control, no cleric tells them to send their children to technical universities, in fact they advise Muslims to give up living in the twenty first century and spend their time going to villages and teaching the simpletons there how to bathe and clean themselves.

So I don't think there's much hope for Muslims. They will forever remain the slaves of those who use their minds (like the Jews).