I woke up on the morning of Saturday November 14, 2015, switched on the TV and recoiled in horror when I saw and heard what had happened. More than a hundred people had been killed in Paris. “Oh God”, I said to myself, “Not Muslims again!” In the elevator my neighbor said, "It can’t be Muslims who have done this, Muslims are too stupid to organize this kind of thing”. Just like the World Trade Center bombings, which most Pakistanis still think were carried out by Jews disguised as Muslims. As I headed towards my car, I heard a driver say, “They’ve done it to give Muslims a bad name; they want to send all Muslims in their country back to their native lands”.
Another nodded in agreement. “They don’t want to take in Muslim refugees from Syria, so they killed their own people, knowing that Muslims would be blamed”.

At the office, I heard more of the same stuff. “We know Jews arranged the September 11 incidents on a Jewish holiday, it wasn’t done by Muslims”, said one. “These Paris killings are similar”. Later, when the Islamic State claimed to have done the killings, the reaction was, “IS? Didn’t former British PM admit the other day that IS was the result of the invasion of Iraq?” You know, just like the Pakistani Taliban were supposed to be good Muslims until they killed 147 school children last December.

So we are still living in a state of denial. If for a moment we accept that all these terrorist attacks are planned and organized by Jews, how can we explain why it is always Muslims who pull the triggers? Surely those who are behind these terrorists can use non-Muslims to execute their nefarious plans? Not long ago, suicide bombings used to be carried out by Tamils in Sri Lanka. So why are Tamils not selected by the Jews?

No, we’ll have to admit there’s something wrong with us. It’s obvious that Muslims are planning and executing the killings themselves, and when the terrorists say that they are doing it for whatever reason, we should believe them. But first we have to end corruption in Muslim lands, turn Islamic countries into welfare states providing justice to their people before we can remove the causes of terrorism. Until that happens, we are likely to see more incidents like the one that happened in Paris.