The Swiss club

This refers to the news report, ‘Tax of billions evaded, black money whitened every year’ (November 23). The government will never allow the FBR to go after those who have been evading taxes. If the real worth of properties is declared, both buyers and sellers will have to pay higher taxes. With the way things are, an income tax inspector or a customs appraiser can buy a bungalow in a posh area like DHA, and only pay taxes amounting to ten percent of the actual price.

The government has done nothing because it prefers to heavily tax honest taxpayers. Meanwhile, those who cheat will continue becoming richer and eventually become a part of the elite club whose members have Swiss bank accounts and own properties in foreign countries. Let us not forget that most of our politicians are already members of this club.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, November 29, 2015