Imran and Jinnah

Sir: With reference to the article “Imran Khan is no Jinnah” (Daily Times, October 10, 2014), I’m amazed that the writer could even think of comparing a power-hungry person like our ex-cricketer Imran Khan with the founder of our nation, Jinnah. If at all there is a need to compare this Taliban sympathiser to any leader; it should be Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was so eager to become the prime minister of the country that he refused to acknowledge the winner of the 1970s elections and to hand over power to Mujeebur Rehman. We know what happened as a result of this stubborn and arrogant attitude; the country was dismembered. Imran Khan’s attitude is similar to Bhutto’s. The country be damned as long as he gets to be the prime minister.

Printed in Daily Times, October 14, 2014