Provincial games

This refers to the article, ‘Demanding more provinces’’ (September 27) by Sikander Ali Hullio. If the provincial government spent taxpayers’ money where it really mattered (not siphoning it away to foreign bank accounts), there would be no demand for more provinces. However, the people of the urban areas have a right to ask why they should pay any taxes, considering no one knows how our taxes are spent. Even if there had been visible progress in rural areas, we would not have been aggrieved. 

Unfortunately we do not know what is being done with our tax money, so it is time to devolve power to the cities and hold local bodies elections without delay. Otherwise people would not be satisfied unless the present divisions are made provinces. It is worth mentioning that the entire country of Switzerland is divided into twenty six provinces, even though that country’s population is less than half that of Karachi.

Shakir Lakhani

Printed in The News, September 30, 2014