Scenes of chaos
WITH reference to your editorial ‘Scenes of chaos’ (June 24), what happened on Monday should not surprise anyone. By now, everyone knows that the PML-N government always overreacts when faced with a crisis.
Whatever happened could have been avoided by allowing the plane to land in Islamabad as originally scheduled.
That said, I wonder why the Canadian cleric, Dr Qadri, is bent upon creating mayhem in the country of his birth. If he really believes that millions of Pakistanis love him, why did his party boycott last year’s elections? Even now, all he has to do is to contest any by-election whenever a seat falls vacant. That way, he will know how popular he is.
But apparently he already knows that he doesn’t stand a chance to attain power through the democratic process, which is probably why he has chosen to destabilise the government in this manner.
Shakir Lakhani
Printed in DAWN, June 26, 2014