Tax and lies

This refers to your editorial ‘Tax and lies’ (December 24). I wonder what is more shocking, the fact that half of the lawmakers did not pay any tax or that half of them did. More shocking is that 12 percent of our parliamentarians do not have a national tax number.

This fact alone should have made the ECP disqualify them from contesting elections, if the FBR had communicated this to the ECP. If the FBR didn't inform the ECP, then someone in the FBR has a lot to answer for. Now that most of our so-called lawmakers have proved that they are actually law-breakers, what moral authority do they have to impose taxes on the hapless poor and middle-class? In fact, the government should refund all the tax money that has been paid by the citizens in the past sixty six years, in accordance with the principles of natural justice. 

Perhaps Imran Khan can demand this of the present lot who are lording it over us.

Shakir Lakhani
Printed in The News, December 26, 2013