More than its share

Sir: A minister in the Punjab government recently demanded that his province receive more gas than its quota, as Punjab’s industries earn a lot of foreign exchange for the country. I heartily agree. I would go one step further by suggesting that all industries in Punjab be given gas and electricity free of cost so that there may be no incentive to steal electricity and gas, which appears to be rampant in the province. The government can recover the amount of free gas and electricity to Punjab’s factories by raising the price of gas and electricity for residential and commercial consumers in the whole country. I am sure everyone will agree as it is in the national interest. Of course, if this means the closure of factories in the other provinces, no problem. Already there is too much competition from those indulging in smuggling, under-invoicing and mis-declaration anyway, so it will not make much of a difference.

Printed in Daily Times, August 15, 2013