Breaking rules

There was a time when men of integrity had nothing to fear, unlike now when people like Pervez Ali Shah (the courageous judge who sentenced a killer to death) are forced to leave their posts. Why have we sunk to this level? Shouldn’t the lawyers who ransacked his room be penalised? Now, it seems that no one can touch them. It should be fairly easy to identify some of them and ask them to explain their behaviour. At least, they will think twice before breaking the law again. We still have our electricity and telephones disconnected if we don’t pay our bills on time (unless we are feudal lords). Why can’t these people be made to obey the rules?
Almost all drivers on our roads deliberately go through the red lights. Not long ago, such drivers had had their licenses revoked. Not anymore. Very few are punished now for doing what should not be done. Is it because those who rule the country are habitual law-breakers themselves?

Shakir Lakhani
Published in The News, October 14, 2011