I don't think anyone in the Peoples' Party has any idea about the loss suffered by the country when everything shuts down for the day. We already had too many off-days due to strikes. Then some genius in the government thought that a five-day working week would save a lot of electricity, even though this measure was tried in the past but failed to conserve energy. There was a time when we used to have a holiday on September 11, the day the founder of the nation passed away. Fortunately, Mr. Nawaz Sharif abolished this holiday (as well as a couple of others). He should also have declared the first of May as a working day, but I suppose he thought that by doing so he would be seen as anti-labour.
But the Peoples' Party leadership doesn't know what it takes a country to progress. Never having done a day's work in their lives, the president and the prime minister think nothing of declaring holidays when the people should be working extra (as the Germans and the Japanese did after losing the Second World War). Yesterday, Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto died, after having lived in a vegetative state for many years. The story making the rounds is that she suddenly woke up, asked who is in charge of Pakistan, and when told it is her son-in-law, she died of shock. She, of course, did not know that her daughter has been dead for almost four years.
And so, as the news of her death spread, those who habitually loot the country thought it would be a good idea to set the country back by a day. At first the Sindh Governor declared a holiday, but since Sindh Government's employees never show up for work (unless paid a huge bribe), it didn't matter much. But just before midnight, the Prime Minister asked every Pakistani to stay at home today. No doubt he thought he was doing a very good favour to the common man, but daily wage workers must have cursed him. Some people did open their factories, but we were compelled to keep our factory closed, as there is a large colony of PPP workers nearby. We still remember how PPP activists burnt buildings and vehicles when BB was killed, so we didn't want to take a chance. I guess we'll have to make up for today's loss by calling the factory staff to work on Saturday next.