Large scale gas load shedding

Sir: The government has decided to increase gas prices and introduce gas load shedding. I really cannot understand why we should be surprised at the increase in the price of gas and the resultant load shedding. We, the honest consumers of electricity and gas, are being punished due to the misdeeds of those who indulge in gas and electricity theft. Over the past two years a number of news items have appeared about gas theft by influential people in connivance with the staff of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), yet no action has been taken either to stop the thievery or to arrest the culprits. I am not aware of any fatwa (religious decree) making it haraam (forbidden) or sinful to punish influential crooks. So why is it that in Pakistan such people are never punished? Is it because some of them may end up being prime ministers and presidents of this benighted country?

Published in Daily Times, July 2, 2011