The recent revelation by WikiLeaks that King Abdullaqh of Saudi Arabia described President Asif Zaradari as the greatest obstacle to progress in Pakistan ("When the head is rotten, it affects the whole body") should not surprise anyone. In fact, the whole Islamic world is not able to progress (and this includes Saudi Arabia itself)for the same reason. There are 57 Islamic countries, but the whole Islamic world has only 500 universities (compared to 5000 in the U.S.). Apparently the leaders of Muslim countries are interested only in enriching themselves, and do not want their subjects to lead healthy, productive lives. The only exception is perhaps Iranian President Ahmedinijad, who has so far not sold himself to the Americans. Perhaps that is why the Saudi king advised the Americans to bomb Iran. If Asif Zardari has an iota of shame, he should resign. We knew all along that he was terribly corrupt, but the Saudi king confirmed it. Of course, we can't expect King Abdullah to resign, since there is no democracy in that country (nor will there ever be, not in my lifetime at least).