Dasti and the P.M.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Even though Jamshed Dasti was unseated after having been found guilty of submitting a fake degree to the Election Commission of Pakistan to get elected, the prime minister has appointed him as an adviser. Two questions immediately come to mind. One is whether such a thing would ever have been allowed in any civilised country. The other is whether the ruling party has its own interpretation of morality, as apparently faking a degree is not a crime in the eyes of the PPP leadership. By this criterion, we shouldn't be surprised if the party decides to give party tickets to even convicted criminals who have served their sentences.

What should really concern us is that the prime minister agreed to the move after receiving an assurance from his boss that the services of his brother, Mujtaba Gilani, would be "utilised in some responsible capacity". It seems that there are very few upright people like Raza Rabbani in the ruling party. It also proves that the much-trumpeted 18th Amendment hasn't changed anything, since real power lies with the president, not the prime minister.

Shakir Lakhani
The News, April 13, 2010