Why is the U.S. obsessed with Musharraf?

February 23rd, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

I suppose it was only to be expected. Although the people rejected Musharraf and his allies in the elections, the Americans are not happy. They think Musharraf is indispensable for Pakistan. They have been pressurizing both Zardari and Nawaz to let Musharraf remain the president. So what was the point in holding elections? Why did we waste those millions on asking the people what they wanted if we couldn’t decide for ourselves who our leaders should be? Why doesn’t the U.S. dictate to India on who should be its president or prime minister?
There is only one way forward now: restoration of the sacked judges and accountability of those who looted the country during the past five years. The nation would dearly love to know what happened to all that flour which we had in such abundant quantity that our prime minister exported it and then we had to import it at a huge loss.