What most Pakistanis believe

February 24th, 2008 by Shakir Lakhani

From conversations heard during bus rides in Karachi:
Pakistan once had more oil than even Saudi Arabia, but the Iranians sucked it out of the ground on their side of the border.
Most of Pakistan’s electricity has been filled into batteries and given to the United States.
Noor Jehan was Lata’s teacher and a much better singer than Lata.
The pilot who dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima killed himself later (actually, he died from natural causes in 2007).
The first man on the moon (Neil Armstrong) heard the call to prayer (“azaan”) when he landed on the moon and later became a Muslim (he is still a Christian).
Herbal medicines are much better than allopathic drugs because they have no side effects (wrong: a Chinese herbal concoction for treatment of heart disease was found to cause cancer as a side effect).
F-16’s were invented by Pakistanis but the prototype was stolen and developed by the Americans.
Americans are converting to Islam by the thousands every day and in a few years the U.S. will be an Islamic republic.
Princess Diana had already become a Muslim and was going to the airport with Dodi AlFayyad to fly to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah but both were killed in a staged accident by agents of the Royal Family.
The atom bomb was first made by the Germans, but the Americans stole it.