Around fifty years back, I'd gone with my father (a lawyer) to the house of one of his clients. The man (around sixty years old), was a diabetic and overweight. My father told him to bring a particular file from the next room, he went but came back without the file. He'd forgotten what it was that he had gone to bring. After three unsuccessful attempts, his wife got up and brought the file. That was when I determined not to be like that man.

Now, at the age of eighty, I have also started forgetting things, like this morning I got up to go to the medicine cabinet to get cough syrup, but brought back something else. When I'm on the cell phone looking up tweets, I think of something to search on Google, but then I forget what it is I wanted to search. This is quite disturbing. I do have mild diabetes, but I'm not getting enough sleep nowadays. 

This is something else I can't understand. I walk at least seven thousand steps daily (sometimes ten thousand), and even though I'm tired, sleep eludes me for a long time before I'm asleep. I don't want to take sleeping pills for fear of being addicted.