Finally, it's happened. Imran Khan appears to have paid massive amounts to American lobbyists and have a resolution passed by the US Congress to investigate the alleged irregularities in the recent elections in Pakistan. The question arises, why did US Congressmen say anything after the massively rigged 2018 elections that thrust Imran Khan into power? Why were they silent when his government put most of his political opponents in jail for many months on false charges? And how can anyone explain that those who passed the resolution are all pro-Israel?

It's mind-boggling, really. The PTI has so much money that they can apparently buy some of our judges and generals. They have succeeded in brainwashing about a quarter of the public to vote for them, despite their poor record of governing for four years. Pakistanis should ask where did all the money come from? Was it from the money donated by overseas Pakistanis to Imran Khan's hospital?

It's clear now that Imran Khan will be given bail or acquitted in the last case against him (the one in which he didn't observe the mandatory waiting period before marrying his current wife after her divorce). There is another case that the government hasn't pursued vigorously: failure to declare his illegitimate daughter before contesting elections. But I doubt if any of our senior judges will ever convict him.