It's an open and shut case (like the others) against Imran Khan. Despite all the evidence of his involvement in the attack on army installations a year ago, no judge has the guts to sentence him. In fact, it seems that most of the high court judges in the country love the man and think he's the only thing that can save Pakistan. Perhaps it's due to the constant barrage by his party that it was deprived of its mandate in the recent elections.

Imran Khan says he will talk to no one else but the army (whom he calls the real rulers of the country). The army says that he has damaged the country and should apologize sincerely to the nation, but of course the narcissistic Imran Khan refuses to do so. In fact, he has demanded that the army should apologize to him for staging the May 9 attacks! The man is crazy if he thinks he can fool all the people. 

I wonder why the establishment is not releasing the incriminating videos which it reportedly has. But then, despite all the videos of PTI personnel indulging in attacks not only last year but in the past years, the judges have not been convinced.  No wonder most people in the country have lost faith in the judiciary!