There's a lot of talk about the recent elections being heavily rigged. One way of disproving this is to look at pre-election surveys done by Gallup.

According to an article in The News a couple of weeks back, the number of votes polled by the three political parties were exactly the same as predicted in the surveys. In Punjab, the survey had found the PML-N and the PTI almost equally popular (35% to 34%), and this turned out to be correct. In KP, the PTI got 45 percent of the popular vote, again as predicted in the survey. 

The conclusion is that if there was any rigging, it was very little. But try telling this to any PTI supporter and if you're lucky you won't be lynched. I'm surprised at how much support this party has among youngsters. Even more surprising is that among PTI voters the majority were educated people. It proves that the standard of education has deteriorated a lot.