I'm shocked by the unprecedented number of seats (over ninety) won by candidates belonging to Imran Khan's party (PTI). Despite all the evidence that the man is a big crook and mentally unstable, his party managed to secure almost all the seats in his home province (KP) and almost half the seats in Punjab. This is a major blow for the country, even though he won't be able to become the prime minister right now.

It seems that I wasn't aware of how popular he is among women and the youth. I always thought his popularity was confined to the posh areas of the country where westernized Pakistanis live. But he seems to have gained the sympathy of even those who probably can't read or write. 

Another shocking result is the almost total rout of the religious parties. One conclusion that can be drawn from this is that Pakistanis are turning away from religion.

Of course I'm assuming that the elections were not massively rigged (as in 2018). But there is some evidence of the results being doctored in favour of Nawaz Sharif and a couple of his cronies. 

The next government will not be able to last long, as the PTI (along with the religious parties) will stage massive protests throughout the country to destabilize the government. God help Pakistan!