Most illiterate Pakistani Muslims love to lord it over women. They get incensed when they see a woman with uncovered head. But women too want their daughters to have their heads covered all the time. The question arises: do women feel different if their head is uncovered? I know that in Turkey, most young girls and even old women don't cover their heads. But I have noticed that Hindu and Sikh women in India do cover their heads, specially when they are in the presence of old men (like their fathers or other relatives), while some Hindu women in Rajhastan observe strict purdah. As for Christian women, only the nuns do it. I have also seen Pakistani Christian women in church with heads covered.

I was startled to the bitterness displayed on social media upon seeing Maryam Nawaz gently cover a seated policewoman. It seems that the woman was wearing a scarf, but it had slipped to her shoulders and she wasn't aware of it. That's natural, because a woman absorbed in her work before a computer is not likely to pay attention to such a thing. But Maryam Nawaz, after covering the woman's head, thought it would get her good publicity if she posted the video of the incident on social media. As expected, most of the criticism came from Imran Khan's supporters. 

What I would like to know is, why does no one ask Muslim men to cover their heads? Why is it that only Muslim women have to do it whenever they hear the Azaan or on religious occasions?